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An Eagle in the Wild

We were driving back from Iowa a couple of days ago. Surprisingly, an eagle flew down onto the field by the road. It was farm country and I can only assume it was a wild eagle. It was the first … Continue reading

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Natural honey is such an interesting product-sweet, tasty, beautiful color, and is the subject of quite a bit of research into other possible benefits. Most of what I’ve read indicates that more study is needed, but that the potential exists … Continue reading

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The turtles are back!!

One of my great joys in life is to see turtles sunning on logs in ponds. I know, it doesn’t take much to keep me happy, but so be it. There is a county protected wetlands park/nature preserve area not … Continue reading

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Life’s rhythm

It intrigues me how everything in life has a rhythm: obviously the seasons, our heartbeat, the ocean, birds’ songs, music, the light of the day, moonphases, angst/peace and joy…Eating seasonally ties in to the rhythm of what our bodies need … Continue reading

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Tree branches

Ever notice how the tree branches look different in late winter? They start to swell, ever so slightly, but there is a difference..The swelling, along with a shininess, a sheen, hints of new life, the promise of leaves and buds … Continue reading

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