Helen W Akinc is a writer, interculturalist, ethnic cook, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and sister. Born in Portsmouth, Va., she grew up as a Navy brat until moving to Durham, NC in middle school. A grad of UNC-Chapel Hill, where she was a Spanish major, she married and moved to Ankara, Turkey where she and her husband lived for nearly five years, her daughter was born and where she learned to speak Turkish and to cook Turkish cuisine. They subsequently moved to Binghamton, NY where she got an MBA, had a son and then to Winston-Salem, NC where she worked at Wake Forest University for many years in the Business School as an Asst. Dean and also in International Studies where she taught and continues in the Intercultural Competency Program. She is the author of The Praeger Handbook for College Parents, and Turkish Family Favorites, a compilation of her favorite Turkish recipes. She spends much time with friends from many different cultures and is committed to peace through bridging cultures.

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