The Simple Things

Almost everyone I know is distressed. About the world. About politics in whatever country they reside or are from. In the past several months, and not discounting the impact of shocking result of the US election and the distressing choices being made during the transition, the stress level has just increased to barely manageable heighths. I think part of the stress is that all of these developments have the potential to affect us deeply, but we, as individuals, have very little ability to exert any influence on the causes of the developments. So we feel powerless.

The only way I know to dial down the stress is to readjust my focus while still paying attention. It is important to use our voices and to express our views and protect our rights as much as we can. But we must always maintain a commitment to peace. For me, one of the best ways for me to be peaceful is to make sure I exercise. Another thing I do is to try to focus on very simple things that bring me happiness and joy. Last night we went out to dinner with some dear friends and I tried some new wine (Rickety Bridge Pinotage). It was delicious! It was wonderful! it was just a simple glass of wine, but focusing on the evening with our friends brought peace and contentment.

We must be on the lookout for those kinds of things in our lives. I believe we need to be vigilant in giving ourselves peaceful, joyful moments. It is truly the simple things that matter.

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Writer: * The Praeger Handbook for College Parents, Praeger Publishing, Dec. 31, 2009; *Turkish Family Favorites, CreateSpace, Nove. 30, 2015 * currently working on Dinner Party Diva Interests include: intercultural bridging, cycling, hiking, gardening, cats, knitting and crocheting, cooking, books
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