the duck pond

There is a duck pond a short walk away from my house. It is one of my favorite places, not sure why, but it is. Every day since the big winter storm, I’ve walked by it. It doesn’t often freeze over, but there has been ice on it the past couple of days. Today, however, the ducks themselves were hanging out on the ice, resting in the sun. Was glad to see them as was kind of wondering where they were and how they kept warm during the frigid weather. I love this pond. For me, it is calming. There was a time when I had just retired and it took some adjustment in the beginning. Every day I walked over there and checked out the pond. Every day it is different. Around the edges of the pond there are all sorts of birds. I saw an egret once. In the summer, one has to be on the lookout for snakes, so I stay far away from the edges then. When the new ducklings hatch they are adorable to watch. It is a gift to have this so close by as with all of the turmoil and violence in today’s society, plus the awful politics, the little world of the duck pond is wonderful to behold.

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Writer: * The Praeger Handbook for College Parents, Praeger Publishing, Dec. 31, 2009; *Turkish Family Favorites, CreateSpace, Nove. 30, 2015 * currently working on Dinner Party Diva Interests include: intercultural bridging, cycling, hiking, gardening, cats, knitting and crocheting, cooking, books
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