Kisir is one of the best things ever. It is a spicy, more Antep-ish version of tabbouleh. I make it about once a month but I hadn’t made it for awhile and when I made it for lunch, I literally had to put the lid on the container to make myself stop eating it. The full recipe is in my cookbook(Turkish Family Favorites). It is important to use the right kind of bulgur. It needs to be smaller grained than the kind usually used for bulgur pilav. In middle eastern groceries it might be labeled koftelik or kisirlik. OH MY Goodness. It is so good. You will soak about 2 cups of the kisirlik bulgur….tiny grains….in very hot water that covers it. It should absorb all of the hot water in 20 minutes or so. If there is any left, pour it off. Mix with a bunch of parsley, green onions, mint (fresh or dried), pepper paste, tomato paste, salt, lemon juice, cumin, hot pepper, pomegranate syrup (optional but wonderful). I did not have quite enough green onions so I sauteed some chopped up yellow onion in olive oil and poured the whole thing over the mixture. If you have enough green onions, then just add some olive oil. Mix everything well and serve with romaine leaves or leafy lettuce on the side to make wraps. Terrific Meatless Monday lunch!

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