veggie lasagna

I’m always a bit dubious when it comes to veggie lasagna as I’ve been to far too many banquets where that was the default vegetarian choice. Since after several bouts of food poisoning, I have become very picky about meat and fish dishes…banquets and potlucks are notorious places for cutting corners on safe food handling…anyway…I’ve tried many different versions of veggie lasagna and I do like this version. The recipe is on and it’s called Hearty Vegetable Lasagna. ( I made a few changes to the recipe to accomodate what I had on hand. I used tomato sauce which I doctored up by adding more basil and oregano instead of using jarred pasta sauce. I would also recommend adding a tad bit of either sugar or a small can of tomato paste next time and reduce the salt. I thought it was a bit salty. The mushrooms were terrific. I think that roasted eggplant slices would be a good addition for the future. I made it the day before I cooked it. Oh, and I generally use fewer lasagna noodles than the recipe calls for. The recipe calls for 16 oz of noodles. I used 10-12 pieces which is more like 10-12 oz. I just don’t like too much pasta. And, as a couple of reviewers mentioned, all you have to do is soak the lasagna noodles in very hot water. It was very good, one of the best I’ve had. And definitely use real ricotta cheese.

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