Talking Tofurky

No, I didn’t misspell the word. Tofurky is a vegan product, a substitute for turkey, made from plant based protein, primarily soy protein. I’ve used the ground “meat” products for a while and they are really good. Today I’m going to try some Tofurky “bacon” slices. To give you an idea of how good they are, recently I used the ground “meat” product in tacos. I think I used vegan “chorizo”. I added a little bit of taco flavoring while I lightly sauteed it. Then, so that my husband wouldn’t get suspicious, I went ahead and filled the tacos before serving them. Often, I just put the ingredients out, and everyone makes their own, but while Tofurky looks alot like ground meat, there’s a slight difference, and I didn’t want anyone getting suspicious. So, I made the tacos and after he stuffed three of them down, and said that they were really good, I explained what the “meat” was. Very happy about it and he was particularly happy because it is so much lower in fat and calories. With him already having had two stents, we try to watch the saturated fat intake, along with calories. These were excellent. I filled the tacos with all the usual things: salsa, lettuce, onions, guacamole, a little cheese, all on top of the tofurky. Excellent. I highly recommend.

I’ve also used the ground “meat” product in soup. There’s a V-8 soup recipe that I make in the winter. We call it Aunt Winn’s soup after my sister, who introduced it to us. Normally it calls for some ground beef or turkey, but now I use tofurky and it’s great. Again, no one can tell the difference. The problem with alot of people I know is that the idea of not eating meat or in substituting tofu or soy based protein in place of meat is seen as being very strange. So, while I don’t want to be deceptive, and I always tell people after they’ve tasted it, and I almost always ask people about any food allergies before they eat at my house, but letting them taste it first and then revealing the true ingredient has convinced a number of folks that these are good products.

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