Miss J.

There’s an older lady I sometimes encounter who works as a cashier at local chain. She doesn’t work too many hours or too many days because she has severe physical limitations from multiple sclerosis. She really impacted me yesterday and we connected, as one of the other workers went to go find a price for something I wanted to buy. I’ll call her Miss J. She is quite amazing. I’d noticed her before her illness got so bad. She was always friendly and connected with the customers she served. She’s kind of motherly or grandmotherly, depending on how old one is. I’ve never seen her negative or snappy. Given the people I encounter who are negative and critical for virtually no reason whatsoever, here’s a woman one could understand if she complained. But she doesn’t. And, I have to hand it to the store. Some places would find a way to fire an employee who might be a smidgen slower packing things in a bag. No, the other employees all seemed protective of her and willing to do a little extra to help her out. What a delight.

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