new ideas in the new year

back to writing in the new year. realizing that writing is important for me. key vehicle of expression. and so many new ideas. Had lunch with a friend on Saturday and she voiced something using exactly the same words that I would have used had I spoken first. We were talking about being non-vegetarians but enjoying vegetarian food. She said that when she eats vegetarian she feels lighter. Not as in body weight, but just lighter. Exactly the way I feel. I don’t know why this is. It may be that it is easier for our bodies to digest vegetarian food and that meat is more difficult. I’ve really noticed how much different I feel when I go meatless. And it doesn’t have anything to do with the sensation of fullness. Yesterday I made falafel for the first time. OMG, what a wonderful food that is. and definitely filling. Made me wish I had more room so I could eat more. I felt full but not heavy.


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