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Some of you may know that I’ve had my share of heart dramas…the medical kind…fortunately as opposed to the romantic kind….and that I’m extremely lucky to be alive. And that recently, there’s been more drama. My husband, too, has been full of heart drama himself, so we really do try to watch what we eat….and I don’t mean as it is lifted by fork to our mouths. We try to eat low-fat and fresh, minimally processed foods; we try to keep our meals balanced although we are also very fortunate to have many great friends and we love to share meals together with our friends and that doesn’t always mean we’re disciplined. We try. I was saying something to a friend a few years ago about trying to be careful about this or that…in terms of diet and he said to me, ” just enjoy your food…have a good meal and enjoy it….” ….this guy is a kidney specialist. And I think he is right….sometimes we get so obsessed with analyzing what is in this food or that item and how many fat grams and sodium etc. that we really don’t enjoy our food or the process of eating it. I am convinced it makes a difference…I know that when I focus on the food and the enjoyment of it and the people with whom I’m eating, I’m satisfied with less food, and enjoy it more. I think this has to do with eating with heart.

There’s a dish…a Turkish dish…that we make together as a group of friends. It is easier and much more fun to do together as it involves rolling out dough, filling with a meat mixture and folding into tiny dumplings which are then cooked and smothered in a garlicky yogurt sauce. It makes my mouth water just to write these words. It is so simple but so incredibly good and the process of making the food together and then sitting down and enjoying the manti together makes it celebratory. I think we need to do more of that. My friend the doctor is right….we need to enjoy our food.

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