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Some people call me “cheap”…although I prefer “frugal”. I was thinking about something recently and decided to figure out approximately how much money one could save by making decent coffee at home versus buying it everyday at a fancy coffee place. Depending upon how much one drinks, you can conceivably save between $1100 and $2400 yearly….this is a conservative estimate which assumes you have a $200 coffee maker that lasts for 5 years, etc. etc. I knew the savings would be significant, but geez, no idea it would be that much. That got me to thinking about the savings engendered by cooking meals at home as opposed to eating out. People often say that eating out saves time and that there is less waste. I don’t think either one of those statements is true. By the time you get in the car and drive to a restaurant, get seated, order, get your food, and eat, and then get back home again….you could make a meal at home for a fraction of the cost, eat it, clean up and be sitting on the couch. What many people have difficulty with is deciding what to eat. When the decision is being made at dinnertime and unless everyone wants the same thing, it’s often difficult to accommodate the requests. Plus it often requires a trip to the grocery store. That’s why I think the real barrier to cooking at home is the decision making at dinner time. You can eliminate that issue by planning ahead. One day a week, take ten minutes to talk about and decide the meals for the week. It’s important to plan ahead for leftovers too. Based on the meal plan, make your shopping list, go to the grocery store one time and put in the supplies. Then it is easy to put things together quickly. We usually have soup at least once a week. Leftover soup goes in the freezer or is eaten for a second meal later in the week. Make use of a slow cooker. Cook a stew in the oven after dinner one night and then reheat it the next day. The food one prepares at home can be lower in fat and sodium, and you control the serving size which also results in savings if it keeps you healthier. I love to eat out once in a while too, but not all the time. 

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