Revani is a Turkish dessert made out of cream of wheat, eggs, a little flour, sugar syrup, butter, lemon rind and lemon juice. I had so much trouble making this dessert–for years I would follow a recipe and at the end I would have to dump it out. Finally, in one recipe the directions gave an approximate time for beating the separated egg yolks. Seven minutes. So I set the timer and put those egg yolks and sugar and lemon rind together in the mixer and turned it on. The egg yolks really changed texture as the time went on. That was the trick. Mighty happy I have an electric mixer. There is much in food that is surprising–I’m always surprised when yogurt turns out or bread or cheese. Revani is like that too…am always somewhat surprised when a luscious dessert emerges from all those eggs and hot breakfast cereal….really???????????? Yes. I dubious that the cake will soak up all that syrup, but it does….yum. The recipe will be in my cookbook.

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Writer: * The Praeger Handbook for College Parents, Praeger Publishing, Dec. 31, 2009; *Turkish Family Favorites, CreateSpace, Nove. 30, 2015 * currently working on Dinner Party Diva Interests include: intercultural bridging, cycling, hiking, gardening, cats, knitting and crocheting, cooking, books
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