The tree in the grocery store parking lot

A bird flew away as I approached my car in the grocery store parking lot. A lone tree, a little island in the sea of pavement and grocery carts, a bit of green, soil, and life. As the bird flew off, it occurred to me how that little tree and the bird and the grass there and whatever bugs might inhabit the soil had their own little community. Oblivious to most of the rest of the world and other trees and birds. Kind of like we get caught up in our own little worlds and are often completely unaware of others. Particularly true when it comes to other lands and other cultures.

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Writer: * The Praeger Handbook for College Parents, Praeger Publishing, Dec. 31, 2009; *Turkish Family Favorites, CreateSpace, Nove. 30, 2015 * currently working on Dinner Party Diva Interests include: intercultural bridging, cycling, hiking, gardening, cats, knitting and crocheting, cooking, books
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