A mindful breakfast

I’ve started arranging my food on a small plate for breakfast. By arranging it on a plate, as opposed to just serving myself at the table, I set limits on what I will eat and it all looks beautiful together. I’ve been eating a Mediterranean/Turkish breakfast–a slice of whole grain bread, a tiny slice of home-made feta, two or three calamata olives, a tiny spoonful of blueberry preserves, two slices of fresh apple, a strawberry, along with black tea barely sweetened with honey. I take my medicine with ice water with lemon slices floating in it…it’s all so colorful and beautiful. Trying to eat mindfully has helped me really appreciate my food more since I’m paying complete attention to it, instead of doing something else and eating at the same time.

It’s not so easy to make a bowl of cereal beautiful, but one can still eat it mindfully. Now, oatmeal can be beautiful by using the oatmeal as the palate and sprinkling cinnamon, a few toasted walnuts, and a few raisins on top of the palate. But, this Turkish style breakfast lends itself better to mindful beauty. Thinking about the food and all that went into bringing it to the table enhances the whole experience. Looking at the slice of lemon in my ice water and thinking about lemon groves and sun and rain is a beautiful image.

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